I am a potter with 15 years experience. I consider that I am a non-professional, studio potter of good standard (view the gallery and reach your own conclusions). I use stoneware clays to produce a range of wheel thrown, turned and sometimes altered pots for use in conventional ovens and as tableware. I aim to produce decorative and functional items which I hope you would find a pleasure to use. My pieces are fired twice in an electric kiln using an oxidation process. I use a mixture of stoneware glazes and enjoy the anticipation and surprise found in the end result, after mixing and layering the colours. The glazes are food safe. All pieces are oven proof and dishwasher safe. I am reluctant to recommend using them in a microwave.
I have included a page of photographs of the animal themed money boxes that I have recently started making. I keep as many as possible in stock but if you would like a specific piece please contact me. I welcome suggestions for new ideas. All “banks” are made with a plastic bung, so don’t have to be broken to be raided.
I would happily consider making pots on request. Please give me plenty of notice if you require a piece by a certain date. I hope you enjoy viewing the gallery range. Please contact me for further information. Thank you.